Who is The Magic Classroom for ?

The Magic Classroom introduces an original concept for children ages 6 to 12: discover and learn magic through The Adventures of Max™, an apprentice magician whose exploits are told in comic strips and cartoons.

Created and developed by an inspired duo of Canadian professional magicians, The Adventures of Max is a high-quality interactive product that is both educational and fun, and fosters socialization, self-confidence, public speaking and dexterity.

All Magic Classroom products are available in both English and French.

How do The Adventures of Max and The Magic Classroom work ?

Each one of Max’s adventures takes you to an online cartoon that explains how to perform a magic trick using the magic accessory you received as a gift. The videos are developed with kids in mind and are quickly and easily accessible.

Once you’re on the Magic Classroom web site, you simply enter the secret code you received with your magic accessory. You can then view the video as many times as you want and learn to perform the magic trick featured in Max’s adventure.

Can I use my mobile phone, tablet, or computer to access your site ?

You can access The Magic Classroom and view our videos using any connected device: computer (Mac, PC), tablet or mobile phone (iOS, Android).

Can I download the videos?

Themagicclassroom.com allows you to stream the cartoons featuring The Adventures of Max to your heart’s content, so there is no need to download them. All you need to do is enter your secret code.

How much time do I have to watch the videos ?

You can stream the videos as many times as you want. They’re available anytime you want when you enter your secret code. (So remember to keep your secret code in a safe place !)

I want to know more about The Magic Classroom and Max and his friends.

Come meet Max, Nick, Kate, Hugo and the rest of the gang under the Characters section.