The Magic Classroom at your service!

Invite Hugo, one of the Magic Classroom friendly teachers, to your home!

Treat the kids to a Magic Classroom workshop.

Let Hugo, The Magic Classroom classic magician, bring his extensive knowledge to your home.

The kids will be thrilled to learn the basics of the art of magic as well as some of the amazing skills that make Hugo a master of street magic. 

During this fun and stimulating 50-minute workshop, children 7 to 12 will learn many amazing magic tricks. Hugo’s teachings will also help boost their self-assurance and improve their ability to speak confidently in front of an audience. 

The workshop includes:

  • The material required to perform the magic tricks
  • A Magic Classroom Gift Box containing one of Max’s Adventures for each apprentice
  • A wacky photo session with Hugo

Price: $275

  • Group of eight (8) Apprentice Magicians
  • Each additional child: $20
  • Maximum 12 children

Duration: 50 to 60 minutes

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Treat the kids to a Magic Classroom Magic Show

Invite Hugo to your child’s birthday party for a one-of-a-kind magic show filled with laughter and surprises. 
Hugo is an experienced, classically trained magician whose refined technique, irresistible charm and subtle sense of humour will delight your young ones and bring the best of magic to your party.


  • A full 60 minutes of entertainment
  • A photo session with Hugo
  • The complete collection of The Adventures of Max for the birthday girl or boy (5 adventures)
  • One Magic Classroom wristband and one sticker for each child in the group

Price: $275

Ideal for 5 to 12 year olds and from 5 to 50 children.

Celebrating multiple birthdays at your party?

Add $50 for each additional complete collection of The Adventures of Max (5 adventures)

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